by hemma

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b Sides a.k.a. Converse

the cuff voice memos


released July 20, 2016

Apple's iPhone, however, the party involving hemma and her music do not affiliate with the company's invasion with record paces into the heartcenter's of our culture but, it's a nice mic for tossing on the wooden floor in a wooden room and making it rhyme.



all rights reserved


Hemma Eau Claire, Wisconsin

This band is Hannah Hebl. The band is fluid and has included
Dave Power
Shane Leonard
and Elliot Heinz.

Leo Strei
Pat Kuehn
Lauren Anderson.

Adelyn Strei
Andrew Bocher
Josh Frederick

Lauren Anderson
Josh Frederick
Adelyn Strei
Jaime Hansen

Tank Drum
Molly Hebl
... more

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Track Name: This is the one
When we fell in love we were innocent minds and innocent hearts when
we were young, it didn't matter how I carried myself when I wasn't sure if you trusted me

Brushing off my face and I am ready for the
sequence to unwind
In a crowded space and yet I'm
so alone I'm diving for the sideline

Sew a patch laced up in white. I'm married tonight. In a silver box lies a golden heart locket that I found all rouged in my grandfather's pocket.

Dusting off my face and I am ready for the
sequence to unwind
Here we are in this place
and yet I can't seem to you find

My father, the phantom of the house
Making young girls sing out
their song
their song now.

"Dusting off our faces we can see through love if we close them and leave them behind."

Getting an ear for the tune and letting that son of a gun just rhyme.
Track Name: Hoot Owl
Screen door slamming to a close
Ball of fury in my stomach grows
Who's that laughing, who you with?
And the hoot owl in my heart persists

Tell me is she thin or thick?
Can she sway her hips like a flame upon a wick?
From her shoulders do her breasts hang,
so effortlessly and yet with so much weight?
Oh, I shouldn't stare,
Can't help it but watch you watch
her over there
When I'm

Origins she's my sister first
How can I trust her less when I'm
feeling these bursts
of jealous rage I put myself
in his headspace
i'm not as good at reading minds these days

Im no longer a mind reader
I'm a basket-case.
Track Name: Sold / impostor
through the earth a pedestal
that once stood did hold me
or hold me up
but it's all stolen now

can't recall but i did know
how that song stuck by my throat
and that 's all that matters now

how long downtown leave the light on
you ought to know by now

and it's only the cause
for your
but it won't be for too long

bending all the rules
happened right there

there all .. (breaks down into Impostor)
Track Name: God Hastes Reprise
you know i don't' have many more moons

you will never take from the virgin
aged as i'm sending love to you

hey my god
time erased the very first time
i knew more than you
Track Name: Impostor
Only in the dark
I have fears that I/will
tear you apart

Care for me only in the evening
I can see you want to test me

Test me again

Holding back will only set you slack

Sleep in the shelter of the daylight
I can find no thing to hold my mind
Wait on day just to break and then
Fall to pieces.

It's hard in my heart
It's hard in my heart.

Place the mirror in the bedroom
I can see my reflection in the water
I am having doubts about my posture
I'm an impostor, and I love it
Track Name: Hemma
Holy Hemma,

Hold me now. Indigenous Spring is falling out. I have spoke your brambles outloud with fear in the way the water could rush them out. Holy water, clear as doubt; in the meadow where the Spring gets loud. My dog is older now, but he doesn't show it, no he doesn't show me to say 'goodbye'. "Carry the load, Charlie boy, carry me home!"

Holy Hemma,

Holding out for what? Sacred plot and that sacred mud. I'm getting older, too,'s up to you now, boy. It's up to you.